What Can You Expect At The Highland Games?

Highland games unite game, culture and fun within a uniquely Scottish style and also occur each weekend in the summertime. From May to September you’ll get in on the action in one of 80 Highland matches occurring on islands and also in cities, cities and villages throughout the nation – a few castle grounds sponsor matches also. Heavy competitions, for example, hammer throw and weight for height, watch competitions setting their muscles to the evaluation, whilst field events like the mountain biking and race contest test endurance and speed. One of the places that the Scottish Highland Games are coming to is the USA, with a stop in the southern part of Missouri.

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Anyways, Were you aware Baron Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympics, was impressed with a Highland screen he saw in the 1889 Paris Exhibition which he released the hammer throw, shot put and the tug o’ war into his contest? Discuss large compliments! Both are still contained at the Olympics programmed to the very day – only one of many intriguing details of the Highland games.

For most, among the most memorable areas of this Highland games would be that the massed bands, even when tens of thousands of pipers and drummers from various classes come together to play and march in unison. Be aware of your solo piping competitions as well, where opponents play in a selection of styles, for instance, slow, ethereal and intricate Pibroch that’s regarded as the classical songs of this bagpipe.


Dancers give amazing displays of elaborate footwork in Scottish dances, like the sword dancing along with the famed Highland fling. Competing for names both solo and in teams, their vibrant outfits and contagious energy will make you high spirits. The Cowal Highland Gathering is famous for its quality of its Highland dance, drawing from the top actors from all over the world as they compete at the World Championships. Highland games after watched clan members move head-to-head in ferocious competition – and you will still find this excitement when clans muster all of their might at a tug-war. Nowadays, clan presence at games has become more of a ceremonial event. A few Highland games are a part of a broader clan gathering – a celebratory get-together comprising parades, Scottish songs and dance, feasts, legacy events and even joviality.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please let us know if you’ll be at the games in the US this year! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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